Welcome to UIN Foods

Uin Foods success lies in its awareness that skill and attention to detail are at a premium. Our company mantra is “We never forget every pizza we make is someone’s next meal.”

As a leading chilled Pizza manufacturer, we use only the best sourced ingredients and traditional baking methods, whilst continuously investing in the skills of our team. Ensuring we always deliver great tasting quality pizza.

We produce 25,000,000 pizzas per year or 5,318Km per week if laid end to end. We use only quality ingredients including 2,500 tonnes of UK flour, 650 tonnes of cheese and 400 tonnes of tomato puree per year’ and Uin Foods – employ over 180 people across two operating facilities. We also have one of the largest stonebake ovens in the UK - so you could say we are ‘Pizza connoisseurs’!

We know what to put in

We never forget: every pizza we make is someone's next meal.
Using the most advanced bakery equipment available in Europe.
We are proud of being trusted to serve the biggest UK retailers and the responsibilty this holds.
We only work with great suppliers, providing great tasting quality ingredients.
Quality ingredients
We continuously invest in and devleop our teams.




We also know what to leave out.

Saving on energy, watching how we use time and finding the best sources of supply.

  • Waste - Reduce all waste with nothing to Landfill.
  • Supply - Improvements by working with our suppliers to deliver the best quality ingredients.
  • Energy - Economies through the best use of our energy and natural resources.
  • Efficiency -Through continuous invest in automation and lean operational processes.

However, we don’t rest on our laurel’s, we know what's next

  • Change- Business never stays still and competition is tough.
  • Innovation - Means changing step to meet our customer’s needs, fast.
  • New product development - We make sure new always means success.
  • Knowledge - Understanding and acting upon consumer behaviour and market trends.